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3 detained at GSC Tropicana

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

GSC Tropicana City Mall during its launch in 2009.

25 Oct – It is learnt that three men were detained by police officers last night at GSC Tropicana City Mall and were escorted out of the premises.

The scene which took place by the hall entrance of the cineplex, elicited the curiousity of moviegoers who bore witness to the whole incident.

It learnt that the 3 detained men were clad in cinema uniform and about six to eight police officers had escorted the handcuffed men out of the cineplex.

One witness recounted to the Cinema Online team who was present at GSC Tropicana for the "Silent Hill: Revelation" screening- that the men were detained for attempting to bulgarise the cineplex, while another said that they were involved in a prior robbery that took place at GSC IOI Mall Puchong months back.

In July this year, four armed men robbed the GSC cinema at IOI Mall Puchong past midnight on a Tuesday and managed to walk away unscathed with RM140,000 in cash, which was said to be the first weekend's collection of "The Dark Knight Rises".

Cinema Online, 25 October 2012