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Diane Kruger to join "The Host"

Writer: Elaine Ewe

Diane Kruger is in negotiations to play The Seeker in "The Host".

30 Jan – German actress Diane Kruger had just been revealed to be in negotiations to star in the highly-anticipated feature film adaptation of Stephanie Meyer's "The Host", which will be directed by Andrew Niccol, who is best known for his latest, "In Time", according to Deadline.

"The Host" continues Meyer's run of fantasy novels, but with a science-fiction flavor. It tells the story of a dystopian society where a parasitic alien species called The Souls has just about wiped out the human population. Melanie is a young rebel soldier who is part of the movement against The Souls, and whose consciousness has been infiltrated by Wanderer, a soul that has taken control of bodies and minds. However, Wanderer is daunted by the young human's spirit whose only priority is to track her boyfriend and her brother down, but helps her in her task, in order to possess her long enough to convert her.

The role offered to Kruger is The Seeker, a soul who is charged with overseeing Wanderer's conversion of Melanie and pursues her, knowing that the conversion of the rebel will lead to the discovery and eradication of the rebel movement.

Alongside the "Unknown" star are Saoirse Ronan ("Hanna"), Max Irons ("Red Riding Hood") and Jake Abel ("Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief"). Ronan will play the lead, Melanie, while Irons will play her love interest, Jared Howe and Abel will play Wanderer's love interest, Ian O' Shea.

Kruger had been a candidate for a lead role in Universal's "Oblivion", only to withdraw for a role in "The Host" instead. While it's based on one novel, the movie is being set up as a trilogy.

Production will start shortly for a 29 March 2013 release.

Cinema Online, 30 January 2012