Michael Chuah back to fight crime

Michael Chuah back to fight crime

Michael Chuah is working on his third film, titled "Firefly".

14 Dec – Malaysian Film Festival nominee and "Fist Of Dragon" director Michael Chuah returns to the local movie scene with his new action comedy "Firefly" and the filmmaker is making an effort to remind audiences that everyone in society has a part to play when it comes to fighting crime with his film.

Directed by Chuah and produced by Evo Pictures Sdn Bhd and Fusion Media Pte Ltd, "Firefly" is a funny superhero themed movie that features the extraordinary story of an ordinary uncle named Fei. Fei has been dressing up himself in a superhero costume to battle crimes in his neighbourhood, except that he is only able to save the people in the city with luck, not real skills. However, as luck would have it, Fei soon meets a group of superheroes who have real superpowers and cooperates with them to bring down the criminals.

Chuah, 33, claimed that "Firefly" was inspired by the increasing crime rates in society recently.

"I was inspired by the serious crime events that are currently happening in our society. I thought that when the crime rates reach a certain level, the public has a responsibility to be aware of them. Whatever happens in the society reflects the people's attitude," said Chuah.

He added, "Nowadays, we are no longer taking care of each other. Our parents always tell us that we should just mind our own business, don't get ourselves into trouble. That is why criminals are taking granted on this. It becomes a norm and this is the part that makes me worried."

When the Kuala Lumpur-born filmmaker was questioned on his decision to name the movie "Firefly", he replied, "Firefly is a harmless insect but it glows in the dark, and that represents our power to fight the dark side in the society."

"Firefly" is Chuah's third directorial effort after directing "Seed Of Darkness" and "Fist Of Dragon", the latter which was released earlier this year. The film is starring Singaporean comedian Henry Thia, MY FM deejay Bernard Hiew, Lim Ching Miau, Ke Qing, Brendan Yuen and Chuah himself.

(From left) Jimmy Choong, Michael Chuah, Henry Thia, Ke Qing and Bernard Hiew.

This would be the second time for Henry Thia to star in Chuah's film as the duo had worked together before in "Fist Of Dragon" and the Singaporean veteran actor thanked Chuah for the opportunity.

"I'm very happy that Michael invited me to join his new film after "Fist Of Dragon". He told me that this movie will emphasize more on comedic acts. I came from the comedy acting field, so the film will give me a chance to show my skills and thus entertain the audience with hilarious elements," said Thia.

The 60-year-old comedian has been very active on acting in Malaysian movies nowadays and he was worried that the audience would tire of watching him.

"I've been taking part in many Malaysian movies recently. I'm so scared that audiences will be bored when they watch too many of my films. Next year, you will see me in "The Beggar Hero" alongside Hong Kong star Wayne Lai and "Pasar Malam" besides "Firefly"," he said.

With a budget of RM 2 million, Chuah and his team will start shooting "Firefly" in mid-December and the film is expected to be released in September 2013.