M. Subash Abdullah to shoulder on

M. Subash Abdullah to shoulder on

10 Oct – Whether or not "Vajram" is successful, M. Subash Abdullah and Suurya will be making another movie.

"We will never give up because there are so many of our Malay films in cinemas but for our Tamil films there are none," said local film director M. Subash Abdullah.

Local Tamil films face greater difficulties as they are eventually compared to Tamil films from India, comparisons that will find the former falling short. Yet, M. Subash himself has proven these challenges surmountable when his final work, "Vajram", is listed as the first local Tamil film under the Compulsory Screening Scheme introduced by FINAS.

According to M. Subash, who is known for his previous work, "Pensil", "Vajram" is his interpretation of the 1 Malaysia spirit. Although Tamil is the film's main language, the film's cast is a mixed bag of races, such as Indian, Malay and Chinese.

"Politicians may have given the concept of 1 Malaysia a different image, but the movie industry reflects that better," said the director during the press conference held at GSC Pavilion, referring to the mixed cast and the film's audiences, who hail from different races and backgrounds.

The event was also attended by the Deputy Minister of Information, Communications and Culture, Datuk Maglin Dennis D'Cruz, who encouraged local filmmakers to remain proactive when making high quality films.

"We would always give our support in every way, and we are ready to listen to whatever problems and suggestions that local filmmakers have so that they won't stop producing high quality films," said the Deputy Minister.

Starring M. Suurya, Maimon Mutalib and Yasmin Khanif, "Vajram" brings forth the struggles of a young man in curbing the problems of gangsterism that occur in his hometown.

"Vajram" premieres in cinemas in Malaysia on 18 October 2012.