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Popcorn: Movie App

Writer: Naseem Randhawa

The Popcorn App will provide movie info as well as all showtimes in Malaysia.

10 Jul– Moviegoers can now keep informed of the latest movies playing in our local cinemas with ease, as the new essential movie App; 'Popcorn' will provide updated movie information and showtimes at one's very fingertips.

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Brought to movie lovers by PocketDeals; a Singapore based mobile application developer and Cinema Online; Malaysia's premiere movie website, the App will allow its users to check on the latest showtimes for all cinemas in Malaysia that will include Golden Screen Cinemas, Tanjong Golden Village, Lotus Five Star Cinemas, Cathay Cineplex, MBO Cinemas and more.

The App would also conveniently provide additional information on current movies ranging from synopsis, cast information and classifications all within the App.

Users can also browse the 'Upcoming' section to keep track of what movies will be heading to cinemas soon and can also watch their respective trailers.

Those particular about their movie choices will be glad to know that popular movie rating site; Rotten Tomatoes' updated ratings would also be displayed at each one of the movie pages.

In conjunction with its launch, coming very soon would be the 'Popcorn My iPhone' contest which will allow the App users to win a pair of movie tickets. Additionally, movie tickets will also be up for grabs for the top 15 highest invitees with friends and family that successfully download and install the App on their iPhones.

Popcorn is now available to download at App Store for FREE!

Cinema Online, 10 July 2012