"The Wedding Diary ll" for ScreenSingapore

"The Wedding Diary ll" for ScreenSingapore

"The Wedding Diary ll" revealed its official poster yesterday at a dinner presentation.

24 Nov – The box office success of "The Wedding Diary" starring local singer/actor/director Ah Niu and Hong Kong's Elanne Kwong has prompted a sequel that is gearing for even bigger success with "The Wedding Diary ll" selected as the closing premiere for next month's star studded ScreenSingapore event.

"We only found out this afternoon about the announcement. It is the first time a Malaysia/Singapore film has been selected for their closing and we feel very honoured and privileged for the opportunity. This will help the movie attract more international buyers," said Adrian Teh, the director of both movies yesterday at a presentation dinner for "The Wedding Diary ll".

Initially slated to be aired on Malaysian screens on 7 February next year, the movie seems to have met with a slight hiccup although complete information has been submitted to Wajib Tayang.

15-months-old newcomer Lee Wei Xuan is the main man in "The Wedding Diary ll"

According to Teh, the submission had been handed in early in order for the movie to be in time for Chinese New Year. Unfortunately, there seem to be some sort of change in rules as previously it was a first come first serve basis if a movie wanted to be aired on a certain date, but this time, a feedback of 'no promises for the date' was given.

Confirmation on the screening date will only be announced next week.

"The Wedding Diary ll" co-stars Singaporean actors Jack Choo and Marcus Chin, as well as Kara Hui from Hong Kong. Popular Hong Kong comedic actor Chapman To also makes a guest appearance in the movie.

The first film follows the story of Daniel (Ah Niu) and Tina (Elanne Kwong) overcoming obstacles to get married as a result of a vast difference in their cultural and financial backgrounds. The sequel will focus on newcomer, 15-month-old Lee Wei Xuan as the little bundle of joy the two produce after their big wedding.

The movie targets to take RM5 million in the box office.

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