Usop Wilcha quits Hot FM

Usop Wilcha quits Hot FM

Usop Wilcha, the lead actor in "Kahwin 5".

25 Nov – Local comedic actor and radio deejay Syed Mohamad Asri Syed Osman Jamalullail, better known as Usop Wilcha have made a decision to end his two-year contract with one of the top Malaysian radio stations, Hot FM.

Usop, 47, who recently played a lead role in Nizam Zakaria's comedy "Kahwin 5", joined Hot FM back in June 2011 to host a segment alongside Faizal Ismail, Fara Fauzana and AG. Now, the veteran has decided to pull out from his contract that was supposed to end in June 2012 due to aging problems and his tight schedule.

"I didn't make this decision out of the blue as I had planned to leave the station two months ago. I've sent a letter to end my contract earlier this month. It's hard for me to make this decision, but the main reason I've decided to step away from radio is because of my age and my tight schedule," said Usop.

He added, "I'm already 47-years-old and I can't handle so many things at once. For instance, working as a radio deejay, I have to sleep before 11 o'clock at night as I wake up as early as 4 o'clock in the morning. Meanwhile, I am also taking on jobs in the acting field and that gives me a hectic schedule. I even had fever for one week after filming my new film "Kahwin 5"."

Apart from his resignation from Hot FM, Usop has been excited about his upcoming role in "Kahwin 5", a new film by Showbiz Productions, a sister company of KRU Studios, which presented their first local box office hit "Hantu Kapcai" back in September 2012.

"I'm playing a naughty character called Dr.K and he is a very successful businessman who has four wives and still wants to marry another woman. I have a great time working with the beautiful ladies and of course director Nizam."

Usop also revealed that Norman Abdul Halim, the Executive President of KRU Studios was the one who approached him and thus invited him to become the leading man in the movie.

"Norman was the one who came to me many times just to persuade me to star in "Kahwin 5". Eventually I accepted the offer and I love my character in the film," he said.

The main cast of "Kahwin 5".

"Kahwin 5" is Nizam's second directorial feature after making his directorial debut in "Cinta Kura-Kura" earlier this year. The film was inspired by the late Tan Sri P.Ramlee's classic film "Madu 3" which focused on polygamy issues.

"It has been a long time to have this kind of story on big screen. The storyline is easy to be understood and it gives surprises to the audience from scene to scene and I'm sure everyone would be delighted with Usop Wilcha's comedic portrayal of Dr.K," said the director.

"Kahwin 5" also stars Dian P.Ramlee, Adrea Abdullah, Norish Karman, Marsha Milan, Soffi Jikan and Anzalna. The film follows Dr.K, a successful entrepreneur in the Tupperware business, who marries four ladies with different personalities. They all seem to be living happily together until a foxy lady named Farra becomes Dr.K's assistant in his company. Unfortunately, Dr.K is threatened by Farra's gangster brother Cico, who wants the old man to take his sister as his new wife in order to fulfil some wishes.

"Kahwin 5" will be released in Malaysian cinemas on 27 December 2012.

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