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What's "In The Dark" revealed

Writer: Elaine Ewe

(From left) Jennifer Foh, Wang Po-Chieh, Candy Lee, Yeo Joon Han and Patrick Wee.

8 Oct – GSC Movies and Amok Films' upcoming Chinese horror film that was heavily kept under wraps has finally had more details unveiled, such as its title, which is "In The Dark", and its male lead, who is "Bodyguards And Assassins" star Wang Po-Chieh.

For those who are wondering how huge the Taiwanese actor is, he first debuted in "Winds Of September", a role that won him the Best New Talent Award in the Taipei Film Festival. Wang will play Joseph in "In The Dark", an estate agent who meets and falls in love with May (Miss Chinese Cosmos International first runner-up Jennifer Foh) when the two of them are attacked by ferocious drug addict. However, Joseph is soon told by a fortune teller that May is not the woman he will marry, which upsets her. In order to appease her, Joseph proposes that they be wed right away, only for May to be killed in a car accident the next day.

Distraught, Joseph blames himself for May's death, and takes her joke about coming back to haunt him seriously. However, when she stills does not return, he enlists the help of her best friend, Vivien (iFeel Girl Search winner Candy Lee), to perform a Ouija board session. Things go awry when a host of other spirits turn up to haunt them, yet without any sign of May.

Said to be a mix of romance, horror, comedy and drama, "In The Dark" is award-winning director Yeo Joon Han's second feature-length film after the internationally recognized comedy drama film "Sell Out!".

According to Yeo, "This film ["In The Dark"] is my first foray into the horror genre. I'm not a fan of horror, but I wanted to try making a film that goes back to the roots of horror such as "Jaws" after seeing all these gory films in the market. Most horror films now you get to see the ghost, as they go for shock value rather than building up suspense, so it's sort of like a challenge for me to create something new for the market."

Executive Producer Patrick Wee remarked, "I'm greatly honoured to be working with such an outstanding group of people. Indeed, I'm looking forward to making a film that will make an impact commercially whilst making a difference in Malaysia's growing movie industry."

Principal photography has already begun as of 29 September 2012, while casting calls for the film have just ended last week. The film is expected to hit cinemas during the Chinese Ghost Festival in August 2013.

Cinema Online, 08 October 2012