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Aimee clarifies harassment rumours

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

Aimee Chan denied the sexual harassment rumours.

18 Apr – Rumours had spread stating that Hong Kong actress Aimee Chan had been harassed by several movie extras during an outdoor shooting in Kuala Lumpur for her new drama series, "Unrequited Love In Two Cities" recently.

Reports claimed that Aimee was very upset last Wednesday after being sexually harassed by fellow actors during a scene. In the scene, Aimee was surrounded by a group of men who teased and physically molested her. Allegedly, several of these local male extras saw this as an opportunity and laid hands on Aimee repeatedly.

The reports also stated her co-stars Ruco Chan and Matt Yeung did not try to stop them.

Aimme Chan and Matt Yeung in "Unrequited Love In Two Cities".

"I'm fine!" said Aimee Chan. "Nothing like that happened. It's just a matter of the camera angles. We all had a pleasant collaboration and it was very harmonious."

TVB Deputy Director of Foreign Affairs Mr. Tsang Sing Ming expressed, "She clearly knows what was happening. Today when we saw the report, we contacted the producer and the crew. Nothing like what the report said happened. The outdoor filming is going smoothly and they are collaborating well."

Cinema Online, 18 April 2013