NGO demands Namewee's citizenship to be revoked

NGO demands Namewee's citizenship to be revoked

Perkasa wants Namewee to be stripped of his citizenship.

6 Aug – Once again, controversial rapper and filmmaker Namewee has come under fire for his recent video blog (vlog) post, with Malay rights group Perkasa urging the government to strip him of his Malaysian citizenship.

In the video blog, the filmmaker criticised the Malaysian government for having double standards, especially against the Chinese, and issued racial comments in his short vlog that was posted on his Youtube channel.

Perkasa deputy president Abdul Rahman Bakar has recently voiced out his thoughts on Namewee's actions, "This has gone for far too long. An apology won't suffice anymore. It's time to take action."

Namewee rants about double standards in his recent vlog.

Bakar then went on to recommend that Namewee should be stripped of his citizenship, "He insulted our national anthem before and we still allowed him to be!"

The infuriated Bakar added, "We have given him too much leeway to do what he wants."

According to the NGO, they simply want the government to be fair when it comes to punishing wrongdoers, especially in regards to the non-Malays, as they felt that the attorney general is quick to issue charges when it comes to Malays, while the non-Malays are left alone.

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