Film and series for Trolls

Film and series for Trolls

Trolls are making a comeback!

17 Apr – The troll dolls will soon come back to fashion following DreamWorks Animation purchasing the worldwide rights (except for Scandinavia) to the brand. A franchise for film and TV will bring the trolls back to life.

The doll with a shock of brightly-coloured hair was a major fad from the 1960s through the 1990s with video games and a TV show called "Magical Super Trolls". An attempt to revive the troll fad with the 2005 modernised animated series "Trollz" failed to pick up.

DreamWorks Animation has named "American Girl" veteran Shawn Dennis as head of brand development for the franchise.

"Trolls is one of those rare, proven and universally adored brands," said Dennis. "There is incredible potential here to engage kids across multiple platforms in a way that is fun, enduring and meaningful. It is truly an amazing opportunity to be able to relaunch a brand like this one."

The studio had previously announced its interest in making a "Troll" movie with Chloe Grace Moretz and Jason Schwartzman voicing the leads. The movie has been set for a release on 5 June 2015.

Chloe Grace Moretz returns as Hitgirl.

Moretz will next be seen on "Kick-Ass 2" schedule for a 8 August release in Malaysia and a 22 August release in Singapore as well as the remake of horror classic "Carrie", releasing 7 November in both countries nationwide.

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