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GAFIM to take over FFM26

Writer: Dzamira Dzafri

"Bunohan" was the biggest winner in this year's FFM25.

GAFIM President Jurey Latiff Rosli.

30 Nov – GAFIM, or the Film Employees Federation of Malaysia, will try to get a chance to fully operate the Malaysian Film Festival 26 (FFM26) from the Ministry of Communication and Multimedia.

President of GAFIM, Jurey Latiff Rosli, said that he is ready to take responsibility in organizing the prestigious award, which had been previously operated by the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS).

"We have sent a letter to the Ministry in October last year to obtain the rights to FFM26, but until now have not received any feedback. If we can get the rights to it, it will indirectly reduce the load of the event from FINAS as it is not under the responsibility of the agency," said Jurey.

He continues, "I understand that FFM26, which should have been done in February next year was postponed to August instead. If possible, if we are given the opportunity we needed time and the right budget anyway. At least we can plan eight months from now so that the event can be organized and will be running smoothly."

He also clarifies a little bit more about GAFIM as he says that it is not just a voice of one association but rather a combination of votes from 11 associations.

"Every society has its own role and function of varying the industries moving art," he says.

11 associations under GAFIM are Television Producers Association of Malaysia (PTVM) Artists Association of Malaysia, Association of Singer, Musician, Songwriter Homeland (Papita), Malaysian Chinese Artists Association (AMCA) and the Association of Film Directors Malaysia (FDAM).

Cinema Online, 30 November 2013