Jackie: Less action, more acting

Jackie: Less action, more acting

Jackie Chan in Malaysia!

20 Dec – Just after a year after Jackie Chan has visited Malaysia for his big-budget action adventure "CZ12" a.k.a. "Chinese Zodiac", the popular Hong Kong action superstar came back to our country to talk about his new film "Police Story 2013".

During his stay, Jackie Chan has spoken about the difference between the previous "Police Story" series and the current "Police Story 2013" movie, "Last time it's more about action. This one it's more about acting skill," he said.

Jackie Chan shows his softer side after quitting stuntwork.

Back in 2012, Chan had already sworn off action films after his 100th film "CZ12".

"This will be my last action movie," the actor said. "I will ask my body how long I can go... I tell you, I am not young anymore. I am tired of it."

Despite giving up flying kicks and powerful punches, Jackie Chan also praised his "Police Story 2013" director Ding Sheng for being a multi-talented individual.

"This director (Ding Sheng) is very talented. Before the shooting begins, he has already prepared every scene. He edits his soundtrack, song lyrics and even writes his own script. But before he writes the script, he takes 3 months to study Mainland China's police procedure. When he finally explained his script to me for 3 hours, I agreed to do the movie".

"Police Story 2013" opens in cinemas nationwide on 24 December.

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