Jack slays box office competition

Jack slays box office competition

Jack leads the humans in battle against the giants in "Jack The Giant Slayer".

6 Mar – Despite many criticisms, "Jack The Giant Slayer" has managed to top the box office charts for three countries: Malaysia, Singapore and US, in the week of 28 February – 3 March. Cinemagoers seem to enjoy the re-telling of the "Jack And The Beanstalk" tale with more fighting involved, leading the fairy tale adaptation with heavy CGI effects to defeat other movies like "21 And Over" and "Identity Thief" by a grossing of USD 1.66 million. In second place is "21 And Over", which revolves around a group of teenagers' wild night of booze and partying while in the third place is "Identity Thief".

"Jack The Giant Slayer" is also the top favourite in Malaysia, followed by "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali" and "Spiders 3D". No surprises there on the achievement "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali" as it is the sequel for a well-received local movie about rock musicians. Last week's champion, "Spiders 3D", coming in at third place just proves that there is still a big market for monster films. The movie takes place after a Soviet space station crashes into New York City, leading to the discovery of gigantic mutated venomous spiders.

The legendary rockers of "Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali" in their element.

In Singapore, the success of "Jack The Giant Slayer" is followed by "Ah Boys To Men 2" and "". "" is a horror film from Thailand that features 12 different directors' work, centring on the theme of one lady's mysterious suicide.

Other new movies that opened over the week in Malaysia are "Dark Skies", "Vishwaroopam", "Rurouni Kenshin", and "I Me Aur Main".

Other new movies that opened over the week in Singapore are "Habibie And Ainun", "I Me Aur Main", "The Man With The Iron Fists", and "Bekas".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (28 February - 06 March 2013) 

1) Jack The Giant Slayer    
2) Rock Oo! Rimba Bara Kembali    
3) Spiders    
4) Journey To The West    
5) Beautiful Creatures    
6) Dark Skies    
7) Vishwaroopam    
8) Gangster Celop    
9) A Good Day To Die Hard    
10) Hotel Deluxe
1) Jack The Giant Slayer    
2) Ah Boys To Men: Part 2    
3) 9.9.81    
4) Lincoln    
5) Flight    
6) The Man With The Iron Fists
7) Journey To The West    
8) The Last Stand    
9) One Piece Film Z    
10) Safe Haven


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