"KIL" to show at Cannes

"KIL" to show at Cannes

A still from "KIL" starring Redza Minhat and Cristina Suzanne.

13 May – "KIL" will be one of the four Malaysian-made films to be screened at the Marche du Film award at the Cannes Film Festival for buyers, agents and distributors of international films around the world.

The other three films aree "Vikingdom" from KRU Studios, animation "Bola Kampung The Movie" and "Penanggal" from Tayangan Unggul.

CEO of Creative Content Association of Malaysia (CCAM) Datuk Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim remarked that he was looking forward to showing local art on the world stage in order to attract foreign players in the local market arena.

"Vikingdom" is also picked to screen at Cannes.

"This is the first time we will bring our work to the world stage and we hope to grab the attention and interest of industry players from around the world," he announced. "At the same time, we will use this opportunity to promote our film market," he added.

Datuk Mohd Mahyidin Mustakim also said that the government will also actively organize trade missions in future films and eye collaborations with the government of the film industry players such as the National Film Development Corporation (FINAS).

"KIL" tells the story of a suicidal young man named Akil, who longs to die but does not have the courage to take his own life. He then signs up at an assassination agency that helps kill suicidal people, which is ideal for KIL, until he falls for a girl named Zara. He starts to have second thoughts on taking his life, but it may be too late.

The film is out in Malaysia on 30 May 2013.

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