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SKT Media & Entertainment's new films

Writer: Elaine Ewe

(L-R) Teddy Chin, Steve Yap, Mindee Ong and George Ng.

6 Jul – SKT Media & Entertainment Group (SKT) is set to bring Malaysians several new films this year and in 2014, one of which includes a family drama film starring Hong Kong's Best Actress Nina Paw Hee-Ching.

Directed by Ryon Lee, the film is titled "Devotion", and stars Nina Paw as a mother who reminisces about her life and her devotion to her only daughter. New SKT artist, Singaporean actress Mindee Ong, will also star.

At the SKT Media & Entertainment Group Opening & Artist Signing Ceremony on 3 July, Mindee Ong and three other actors – Teddy Chin, George Ng and Steve Yap – were revealed as the artists that will be under the SKT label. In fact, Mindee and Teddy will participate in director Ryon Lee's horror thriller titled "Seventh", which is set to commerce shooting next month.

"Seventh" is about a young couple who travels to a rural village and spends a week in a famous haunted mansion in hopes of capturing a ghostly apparition to win a photography competition.

Nina Paw Hee-Ching ("Sleepwalker") and her husband Henry Fong were in Malaysia for the ceremony as well.

Aside from "Devotion" and "Seventh", SKT will also be launching "Spinning In Darkness", their first joint venture film with a Shanghai company. Directed by Samm Chan, the film tells the story of a young couple who discover that both of them have been having an affair with another. The two men eventually fight, and the result is the death of one. On the way to bury the body somewhere along an abandoned highway, the trio find that the body has disappeared. Hong Kong actor Michael Tong stars, along with mainland actors He HaoYang, Johnny Zhang and Teresa Pan.

There are two other films in the pipeline, tentatively titled "Poisonous Magic", which is an erotic thriller and "Perjanjian Silam", which is an animated science fiction film, respectively.

"Spinning In Darkness" will be out in local cinemas sometime this December.

Cinema Online, 06 July 2013