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Stephen Chow beats Bruce Willis

One of the more memorable scenes in Stephen Chow's "Journey To The West".

19 Feb – In Malaysia, Stephen Chow's very own "Journey To The West" managed to top the weekend box office (14 – 17 Feb), beating out the fifth sequel to the "Die Hard" franchise with Bruce Willis and Jai Courtney. The highly anticipated Hong Kong film received great reviews and audiences flocked to the cinemas to watch the retelling of the classic Chinese tale.

In Singapore though, since "Journey To The West" had been out longer, the film still hung around in third place while "Ah Boys to Men 2" continued to be champion.

Meanwhile, Willis' "A Good Day To Die Hard" managed to beat "Journey To The West" to second place, but it still cannot seem to beat Jack Neo's Singapore military themed film.

There must be an overwhelming number of single men for "A Good Day To Die Hard" to top the US box office.

In Hollywood, what we had predicted the week before came true with "A Good Day To Die Hard" topping the box office, beating out "Identity Thief" from their top spot last weekend.

Newcomers "Safe Haven" and "Escape From Planet Earth" ended up in third and fourth places while "Warm Bodies" jumped down a few spots from last week in fifth. "Beautiful Creatures" did not seem to have done as well as hyped, premiering at the box office in sixth place. "Beautiful Creatures" did better in Singapore than in the US, but as it will only premiere in Malaysia on 21 February, we can only wait until then to see how well it does when it premieres.

Other new films that were released over the weekend in Malaysia are "Together", "Lost In Thailand", "Kerat 14", "Murder 3" and "Sillunu Oru Sandhippu".

Other new films that were released over the weekend in Singapore are "Upside Down", "Parker", "Hitchcock", "Love...And Other Bad Habits", "The Wedding Diary II", "Kadal" and "All About My Wife".

Box office takings for the weekend just gone (14 February - 20 February 2013) 

1) Journey To The West    
2) A Good Day To Die Hard    
3) Hotel Deluxe    
4) I Love Hong Kong 2013    
5) Once Upon A Time    
6) The Wedding Diary II    
7) Hantu Kak Limah 2: Husin, Mon Dan Jin Pakai Toncit    
8) Kerat 14    
9) Together    
10) Hansel And Gretel: Witch Hunters
1) Ah Boys To Men: Part 2    
2) A Good Day To Die Hard    
3) Journey To The West    
4) Beautiful Creatures
5) Parker    
6) The Wedding Diary II    
7) Upside Down    
8) Hitchcock    
9) The Grandmaster    
10) Hotel Deluxe

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