Jet Li's stunt double on MH370

Jet Li's stunt double on MH370

Ju Kun, Jet Li's stunt double, confirmed to be among those missing on MH370.

12 Mar – As the world mourns the sudden disappearance of the Malaysia Airlines flight MH370, Netflix and The Weinstein Company have a new update: Ju Kun, a veteran martial arts expert and assistant martial arts choreographer, is among the 227 passengers on board.

According to Deadline, the fate of the 35-year-old stuntman, who also worked as Jet Li's stunt double and been in films like "Fearless", "The Expendables" and "The Forbidden Kingdom" is still unknown, but his family and friends are hoping for the best.

"We are deeply saddened by the news about Malaysia Airlines flight 370. Ju Kun, who was on board, was an integral part of our production team and a tremendous talent. Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this difficult time," said Netflix and The Weinstein Company.

Ju Kun was in Malaysia to work on "Marco Polo", Netflix and The Weinstein Company's series pilot created by John Fusco that is scheduled to begin production in three weeks. The martial arts choreographer had just completed his work in Pinewood Studios in Malaysia and was flying to his home in Beijing when he boarded the flight.

(R-L) Series creator John Fusco ("Marco Polo") and Ju Kun. Photo credit to Deadline.

"All of us on location in Malaysia are devastated as we go through this agonizing wait," said Fusco.

"Ju Kun is an integral and beloved member of our Marco Polo family, and on behalf of Harvey Weinstein and Netflix, we are all profoundly shocked and saddened. Right now we are rallying around his wife, Li Ping as she awaits answers in Kuala Lumpur. Our hearts and prayers are also with all of the other missing passengers and their families."

The Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 made the headlines when it went missing over the weekend (8 March), 35,000 feet over Vietnam. No contact has been successfully established as yet, prompting fears of a crash. Search efforts by various countries are currently underway, but no wreckage had been found.

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