Aaron Kwok is finding the right time to direct

Aaron Kwok is finding the right time to direct

Aaron Kwok stars as Officer Chong in "Port of Call"

27 Nov – As a talented actor, singer and dancer, Aaron Kwok has already achieved everything that an artiste can do, but when asked if he plans to move on to his next stage of career, which is to direct, the actor said that the possibility certainly has crossed his mind and he has already prepared a script for it.

"I've thought of directing before. Two years ago I even prepared a script," Aaron Kwok told Cinema Online at Crowne Plaza, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong, right before the gala premiere of his upcoming movie "Port of Call".

"I've also looked for people to help me write the screenplay and asked guidance from Philip Yung [director of "Port of Call"] , but because of our busy schedules, the script never got the chance to develop," he added.

Aaron Kwok and director Philip Yung.

Aaron also mentioned that one of the directors who influenced him is Chen Kaige, the director of "Monk Comes Down the Mountain", and seeing how he worked, made Aaron realise that directing is no easy feat.

"Previously, I thought that directing a movie would be easy, but it actually used up more manpower and time than I expected. I don't think I have the time for it now," said Aaron.

The 50-year-old actor also said that if he wants to start directing, he might have to give up on his singing and acting career for a while to focus on it.

"If the script is done and if I'm already satisfied and confident with it, then I don't mind sacrificing a year or two for directing. Time will decide."

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