Ayda Jebat waits for the right movie role

Ayda Jebat waits for the right movie role

Ayda Jebat waits for the right script for her first movie.

9 Oct – Popular drama actress Ayda Jebat admits that she wants to star in movies next but so far, luck is still not on her side.

The "Rindu Awak 200%" actress said that she, however, won't be in any haste to accept movie offers as she wants to wait for the right script.

"There has been an offer, but I am not confident. If I simply accept it, I am afraid I will disappoint my fans.

"So there's nothing wrong with me waiting until something good comes along. I don't my fans to buy the tickets just for my sake instead of the movie's," said the actress to Harian Metro.

She added that she is not picky when it comes to roles, as she believes in giving her best in everything that she is tasked with.

Even though she often plays main characters in dramas, she won't shy away from accepting a supporting role.

To her, a supporting role is just as important as the main in a drama or movie.

In related news, Ayda is now planning for her second and third singles, since her first single "Jadi Diriku" received a favourable response from the fans.