Eyra Rahman wants to scare with "Badi"

Eyra Rahman wants to scare with "Badi"

The cast, director and producer of "Badi".

15 Oct – Despite the current instability of the local movie market, production company MIG Pictures is still trudging forward with Eyra Rahman's latest horror movie, "Badi".

According to Eyra, horror movies are still relevant because of their universal nature. In fact, the interest and high demand from the audiences for movies from such genre are what gave her the idea to produce her latest movie.

"Movies under the horror genre are still relevant because until now it is still received well. This is because the locals still believe in mystical happenings," said the director during the movie's press preview at Cathay Cineplex, ECurve recently.

"Badi" director, Eyra Rahman.

The "Pengantin Malam" and "Gudang Kubur" director added, the movie may have a mystical nature to it but there are also lessons slipped into it to give the audiences guidance and awareness of the issue.

She also sang praises of the movie's cast for their commitment during the filming.

The movie tells the story of a group of medical students undergoing practical training in a hospital. Strange things start happening to them, however, when they mess with the body of a recently deceased midwife called Mek Nak.

"Badi", starring Azwan Kombos, Adibah Yunus, Hanif Safuan, Sharisa Haris and Navilyna Husna, is now showing in cinemas.

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