Donnie Yen may consider "Ip Man 4"

Donnie Yen may consider "Ip Man 4"

This might be the last time Donnie Yen would play the titular role.

22 Dec – After five whole years, the latest "Ip Man" film is finally hitting the big screen. However, its main actor Donnie Yen claims that this might be the last one from the franchise unless the director or producer has new ideas or angles for the next one.

"Actually, after finishing "Ip Man 2" I didn't feel like doing another "Ip Man" film," said Donnie Yen during the "Ip Man 3" press conference in Kuala Lumpur.

"After the success of the first and second "Ip Man" films, I was looking for opportunities to act in other roles," he added.

Donnie said that after the first and second film, he was reluctant to accept "Ip Man 3" because his performance in the first two films already left a deep impression on the audience so he didn't want to ruin that.

(L-R) Producer Raymond Wong, Lynn Xing and Donnie Yen autograph the wooden dummy.

The martial artist actor also commented that if they wanted him to be in the fourth film, he wouldn't be so sure because he couldn't think of any new ideas to continue the story.
"I asked Raymond and Wilson, how they would want to continue the story, because for now, I can't think of any new angle. But it all depends on the producer and director. If they can find a new angle or idea, I may consider a fourth "Ip Man" film."

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