Elle Fanning and Diego Luna for "IO"

Elle Fanning and Diego Luna for "IO"

Elle Fanning (left) and Diego Luna, the main cast of "IO"

03 Feb – "Maleficent" actress, Elle Fanning, and "The Book of Life" voice-over actor, Diego Luna, have been chosen to star in "IO" directed by Clay Jeter.

Jeter wrote the script for "IO" along with Will Basanta and Charles Spano, according to Deadline. The two also penned the script with him for his 2012 film "Jess+Moss".

In the upcoming sci-fi film, Fanning has been given the role of the last survivor who is still surviving on an abandoned post-cataclysmic Earth. She has to find a way to save the world before the last shuttle on Earth leaves her stranded on her own.

Luna will be playing a complicated and mysterious refugee on his way to the last shuttle, making Fanning's character wonder if she could really save the planet.

A still from Jeter's 2012 film, "Jess + Moss".

This is the first time for the cast and director to be working together. Jeter said that he is really looking forward to a creative collaboration with Fanning and Luna to bring the characters of IO to life.

"We are so excited for Elle to bring her charisma and fearlessness to the demanding role of the tragically obsessed idealist Sam, and Diego's chameleon-like versatility makes him a perfect choice for the secretive and enigmatic Micah," said Jeter.

Production on the movie is slated to begin sometime this year.

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