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Malaysia Film Festival is not ready to celebrate "Villains"

Datuk Fauzi Ayob is the Director of FFM 27 and also the Marketing Director for Finas.

4 Sep – With several overseas award shows having a Best Villain category to award actors, Malaysia Film Festival (FFM) is still not ready to have a category to recognise antagonist roles.

At the officiating ceremony of FFM 27 at the Symphony Lake Suite KLCC on 2 September 2015, Cinema Online approached FINAS' Marketing Director, Datuk Fauzi Ayob who is also the Director of this year's FFM, and inquired about the matter.

"We haven't thought of that yet. All this time we've been following the cultural ways in Malaysia, so we rather not highlight the negative image," said the Director. "Even though the negative role does exists in every film, but we prefer not to give it recognition."

Though it is true that not a lot of awards actually give recognition to the villainous role like the international awards like the Academy Awards, the British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) or the Screen Actors Guild, most Asian, especially the Indian awards do give recognition to the antagonists, for example; IIFA Award for "Best Performance in a Negative Role", Screen Award for "Best Villain" and Filmfare Award for "Best Performance in a Negative Role".

"We haven't thought of including the category yet, but we have a committee who is in charge of deciding the categories. Maybe for the future FFM event, we will consider including this category," Datuk Fauzi added.

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