"Fifty Shades" banned in Cambodia

"Fifty Shades" banned in Cambodia

Mr. Grey will not see you Cambodia.

11 Feb - Just like Malaysia, Cambodia now joins the list of countries that have banned the upcoming erotic romance, "Fifty Shades of Grey" from being shown in cinemas.

This was confirmed just a day before the movie's expected release on 12 February 2015 by Westec Media Limited, the film's distributor in the country.

In Singapore, the movie will be screened uncut, but will carry the R21 rating given by the country's media regulating body, Media Development Authority (MDA).

MDA states, the film contains "Mature Theme and Sexual Scenes" and only those aged 21 and above are permitted to watch the film in Singapore.

"Given the film's focus on a complex relationship, which is underpinned by an exploration of sexual practices, the film is more appropriate under a R21 rating where the Classification Guidelines permit "stronger and more explicit portrayal and exploration of mature themes."

The movie was recently banned in Malaysia after the local censorship board deemed its content unsuitable for Malaysian audiences calling it to be more like "pornography than a movie".

Indonesia has also reportedly banned the movie for its content.

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