Namewee's next film will be a horror one

Namewee's next film will be a horror one

Namewee on the set of his banned in Malaysia film, "Banglasia".

26 Aug – Malaysian controversial filmmaker-singer-songwriter Namewee is set to shoot his next film project which is said to be that of the horror genre.

Planning to shoot a school-based horror film, the "Nasi Lemak 2.0." director admitted that even though he has directed four comedies so far, he actually grew up watching horror movies, thus he wishes to try filming for horror now instead, Kwong Wah News reports.

His last film, "Banglasia", had been banned in Malaysia due to it being deemed too controversial and sensitive. However, the film managed to premiere at the New York Asian Film Festival as well as the Osaka Asian Film Festival and had received positive response.

No other details was revealed for Namewee's latest film project and it is unconfirmed whether his new film will even get a chance to be screened in Malaysia since the filmmaker is known for picking themes that may not sit well with the local censorship board.

In other news, Namewee was recently approached by the producer of "Voice of China" who asked the 32-year-old singer to join the competition. But Namewee believes that singing shouldn't be used as competition. But if it's to promote his movies or songs, he would have agreed to being part of it.

His latest album "Asian Killer" has been selling quite well in the Malaysian market too, and this shocks the singer-songwriter as he thought that all of his albums have been banned in Malaysia.

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