"Polis Evo" breaks record with RM13 million

"Polis Evo" breaks record with RM13 million

The cast and crew of "Polis Evo".

12 Oct – Just when it seems that there is nowhere for the local movie industry to go but further down the bleak passage of discouraging box office collection, in comes Ghaz Abu Bakar's "Polis Evo" to save the day.

The action movie brings new hope to local movies when it manages to set a new record within just three weeks of showing, according to Astro Gempak.

The Shaheizy Sam and Zizan Razak-starrer has managed to gross RM13 million in its third week, making it not only the highest-grossing Malay movie of 2015 but also the second highest-grossing local movie of all time, falling right behind "The Journey" which has a collection of RM17.17 million.

An action scene from "Polis Evo".

Vice President and Head of Astro Shaw, Najwa Abu Bakar, represented the cast and crew of the Astro Shaw movie in thanking the viewers who supported "Polis Evo", saying that they are surprised and grateful with the positive and continuous support.

"Polis Evo" is an action-packed movie that follows two policemen with very different personalities but they have to work together in a mission to defeat a drug trafficking syndicate.

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