Popularity will not change Adibah Yunus

Popularity will not change Adibah Yunus

Adibah Yunus still feels awkward around fans.

26 Oct – Actress Adibah Yunus may be a rising star but she will not let this affect her behaviour, refusing to get on the high horse and remaining humble instead.

The "Badi" actress, knowing full well that the fleeting fame in the world of glamour can destroy her if she lets it pump her ego, takes the precaution of staying in the safety zone by not labelling herself as an artiste.

"I am an artiste who acts the least like one (laughs)," the actress said to Utusan Online. "Imagine, sometimes during meet the fans sessions, I will feel shy when the fans gather around me because I think that I am not popular enough."

She added that there's no denying controversies may help in boosting an artiste's name, but there is no point if the controversies are more toward bad and embarrassing incidents.

The 27-year-old is, however, not quick to judge other artistes who are deemed as having forgotten their roots, because she believes that there is always a reason to everything.

Adibah is set to be seen next, along with Intan Ladyana, Fadlan Hazim and Fahmy Reza, in Dharma Aizat's "Banglo Berkunci", unlocking in cinemas this 26 November.

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