Osman Ali talks "Sinaran" challenges

Osman Ali talks "Sinaran" challenges

The cast, director and crew of "Sinaran".

17 Nov – Renowned local director Osman Ali brings yet another intriguing feature to the silver screen in the form of "Sinaran".

The movie differs from his previous works, the director shared. Due its musical genre, it was a challenge for him to direct.

"Directing the movie was not only challenging but it also tested my credibility as a director," said Osman to Cinema Online at the premiere of "Sinaran" at GSC Pavilion Kuala Lumpur yesterday.

"Hence, I had to be prepared and focused, and plan what I wanted so that it will fit the overall theme."

Talking about the challenges faced during the movie's production, the director revealed that the filming done at Universal Studio, Singapore was definitely the toughest as they were given only an hour to film the dance scene that required many extras on the set.

"Imagine, I had around 70 to 80 extras for the dance scene at Universal Studio and we had to finish filming it before the park opened to the public."

The director, who also recently helmed "Jwanita", however, expressed his gratitude when everything went well due to the good teamwork from everyone involved.

He then shared that he was satisfied with the performances of the cast members, who gave their best in portraying their respective characters.

The movie features stars from three countries, such as Malaysia's Lisa Surihani and Izara Aishah, Singapore's Syarif Sleeq and Nadiah M. Din and Indonesia's Evan Sanders. There is also a special cameo appearance by Malaysian songstress Datuk Sheila Majid.

"Sinaran" is slated for release this 22 November.

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