Ogy wins FFM award despite having her scenes cut

Ogy wins FFM award despite having her scenes cut

Ogy struts her victorious face and pose!

5 Sep – Veteran actress Fauziah Ahmad Daud, better known as Ogy Ahmad Daud had won her first Best Supporting Actress award at the 28th Festival Film Malaysia (FFM 28) last Saturday, 3 September 2016.

"I think I deserved this because I can see my growth as an actress," said Ogy during a backstage interview at FFM 28.

The 53-year-old actress was truly proud and happy of her achievement as she never won an award in that category, and also because many of her scenes were actually cut from the film.

"A lot of my scenes in this film were omitted because they said that my acting was too strong, so they had to cut it out," said the actress.

"Even though I had previously won a lot of awards, there are also times that I didn't win at all, and all those years that I didn't win, it was truly worth it," she continued.

The actress jumps in joy!

Despite having a lot of scenes cut from the film "Langit Cinta", the actress still managed to emerge victorious against other nominees like Aminah Rhapor, Anne Ngasri, Adeline Tsen, and Cristina Suzanne.

"I thought that Cristina Suzanne would win this category because her role in "Jwanita" gave her a lot of space to explore her character, unlike mine," Ogy explained when asked who was her biggest competitor.

Ogy also said that she was surprised to be nominated as she didn't know that her role in "Langit Cinta" was a supporting role.

"To be honest, I was surprised to win this award because my character in the film was mentioned as a special appearance, so I was shocked that I got nominated as Best Supporting Actress," said Ogy.

The actress added that she has been waiting for years to win this award, and she is glad that she had finally won it.

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