Steve Carell may join the 'Minecraft' movie adaptation

Steve Carell may join the 'Minecraft' movie adaptation

Gaming masterpiece, Minecraft, is looking to craft its way into Hollywood.

17 Nov – One of the more versatile actors in recent years, Steve Carell is rumoured to be joining the on-screen adaptation of the popular videogame, Minecraft.

This was according to Variety who reported that the comedic actor is being pursued to be the voice of one of the lead characters of the movie.

The videogame adaptation is set to be directed by Rob Mcelhenney, known for his role as Mac in the comedy series "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia".

In addition, "Wonder Woman" writer Jason Fuchs will be working together to write the latest draft for the movie which is set to be finalised soon.

Minecraft is a 2009 videogame that took the gaming world by storm with its endless revolutionary gameplay where players are only limited by their skills and imagination.

Referred to as a 'sandbox game', users are allowed to create a virtual land with endless possibilities in-line with their personal preferences.

From the looks of the casting and crew that are already on board, looks like the "Minecraft" movie will resemble the videogame's popularity in terms of moviegoers.

"Minecraft" is set to release worldwide on May 2019.

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