Jackie Chan and Rajinikanth in "The Chini Saga"?

Jackie Chan and Rajinikanth in "The Chini Saga"?

Apart from international stars like Jackie Chan and Rajinikanth ,
the movie will also feature Malaysian actors.

20 Jun – International actors Jackie Chan, Rajinikanth and Sonam Kapoor are reportedly to star in a Malaysian production, "The Chini Saga", which would revolve around the legend of the dragon from Chini Lake, Pahang.

"I am not just making this up. The matter of making contact with popular actors like Jackie Chan, Rajinikanth and Sonam Kapoor, have all been done."

"As this film is planned to be screened in the actors' home countries, therefore we would need their appearance in the film," said producer Mohd Rafeezi Mohd Zin a.k.a. Pveezi Zain as quoted by Sinar Harian.

According to Pveezi, apart from international stars the film would also involve local Malaysian actors.

"The Chini Saga" teaser.

"The Chini Saga" was first announced four years ago, but it was delayed due to insufficient funds as it needed RM20 million to move forward.

Pveezi said that his camp has managed to collect the funds and that the filming would commence in stages beginning from July 2016 onwards.

The filming locations are Norway, India, China, Indonesia and Thailand. As for the colossal budget to make the film, Pveezi says that he is not nervous to take the plunge for this project as the film will not only be screened in Malaysia, but also in several other countries including Europe.

Pveezi said that he has also added on RM5 million to the budget for promoting the film and coming up with an App for it.

He added that "The Chini Saga" will feature 90 percent of CGI effects and it would also be 90 percent in the English Language.

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