Afifah Nasir refuses to bring up past controversy

Afifah Nasir refuses to bring up past controversy

Afifah Nasir denies that her career is affected by the controversy.

30 Nov – Afifah Nasir said that she has moved on and will no longer bring up the past controversy that happened to her previously.

Despite rumours saying that the controversy has affected her career, Afifah, who is the sister of local actress Anzalna Nasir, denies the claims.

"I don't think my career is affected after the incident because everything still works out as usual. I don't want to purposely show that I'm working just so I can shut people's mouth. "

"My career is going smoothly and all the offers that came before the incident went on as scheduled and without any problem," she said as quoted by Sinar Harian.

The actress said that doesn't want to bother herself with minor matters and just want to focus on her acting career.

Previously, Afifah was involved in a huge controversy with actor-singer Aliff Aziz when the two was caught alone together at a karaoke centre by Aliff's wife, Bella Astillah.

Bella had to go to the entertainment centre when she was still in her confinement period.

After the incident, Aliff admitted his fault and apologised to his wife and all of his fans for the incident.

In the meantime, Afifah will be acting in two new dramas, "Chor & Shah" Season 2 and a 70-episode series titled "Syurga Yang Kedua".

(Sumber foto: Afifah Nasir Instagram)