"Fast and Furious 9" might lose a main cast member

"Fast and Furious 9" might lose a main cast member

Tyrese Gibson threatens to leave the "Fast and Furious" franchise if Dwayne Johnson returns
for the ninth instalment.

4 Nov – The Fast Family Feud continues and it's only getting more derailed, this time with Tyrese Gibson threatening to leave the "Fast and Furious" franchise for good.

"I'm sorry to announce that if Dewayne [sic] is in Fast9 there will no more Roman Peirce [sic]," Gibson posted on his Instagram a couple of days back, misspelling both co-star Dwayne Johnson's name and his character Roman Pierce's name probably out of furiousness.

Accompanying the post was a photo of him with Vin Diesel and Johnson, his caption indicating that Diesel was by his side while Johnson was an island on his own.

His threat wasn't out of the blue considering he's been very vocally against Johnson's decision to do a spinoff movie focused on Luke Hobbs, Johnson's character, and Jason Statham's Deckard Shaw. What's got fans scratching their heads was his move of dragging his 10-year-old daughter Shayla into the situation.

Claiming that Johnson is messing with his family and "daughters [sic] survival", he stated that he would retaliate by doing the same.

It should be noted that the 38-year-old rapper-actor is currently in a custody battle with his ex-wife, Norma Gibson.

One of these cast members might not appear in "Fast and Furious 9"
(Photo source: Tyrese Gibson's Instagram).

He later clarified to TMZ that his financial woes, which include the legal bills, is "further aggravated" when "Fast and Furious 9" was delayed a year to make room for Johnson's spinoff, hence his anger towards Johnson for agreeing to the solo movie.

However, fans will probably no longer be bombarded by his anti-Johnson rant as Gibson yesterday made his "last post" about his co-star.

"Want you guys to know I had a real Heart to Heart with one of Dewayne's [sic] associates and this will be my last post about him........ I repeat my last.... I respect the associate who called.. My story will never change I was never DJ's Co-Star... I'm Shayla's Father first....," the Instagram post read.

So far the "Fast and Furious" production, including producer and star Vin Diesel, has yet to comment on the subject at the time of writing, so it remains to be seen whether Gibson's ultimatum will mean the end of Roman Pierce or Johnson getting booted off the ninth instalment.

His absence in "Fast and Furious 9" won't affect Johnson's silver screen appearance much, however, since he would still star in the spinoff as well as several upcoming movies including this year's "Jumanji" and next year's "Rampage", "Skyscraper" and "Fighting with My Family".

The spinoff is slated for a North American release on 26 July 2019 while "Fast and Furious 9", with the return of helmer Justin Lin and actress Jordana Brewster, is speeding onto the big screen on 10 April 2020.

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