Giving "Courage" to university students

Giving "Courage" to university students

Students and staff from UiTM enjoyed the "Courage" preview last weekend.

20 Mar – Before American sports drama film "Courage" hits local cinemas this week, staff and students from Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM) had the chance to catch a preview of it last Saturday.

The preview screening, organised by UiTM and Empire Film Solution, was held at GSC 1 Utama.

"This is a good movie for students," said Zaim, senior executive of Business Development in UiTM Holdings' FiTA Studios to Cinema Online at the event.

"Our students are involved in many activities so this is a good movie for them to refer to. They can apply the same ambitious drive to their own lives."

After the screening, some of the students also shared their thoughts on the movie.

"It's very touching. [Students] can learn the value of being very hard-working from it," said Faculty of Pharmacy students, Nadia and Izati.

Not just the students, even the staff were moved by the values presented in the movie. Corporate Development executive Siti Fatimah hoped that the students will be more motivated after watching the movie, saying that they should "never give up".

Aaron Eckhart and Finn Wittrock star in "Courage".

Starring Aaron Eckhart as Coach Royal and Finn Wittrock as Freddie Steinmark, "Courage" was released in North America under the name "My All American", as it follows the journey of Steinmark from being a high school footballer to a star defender in his varsity team. Steinmark shows his true courageous side when one day he faces the biggest challenge in his life.

"Courage" opens on the big screen this 23 March.

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