Jackie wants everyone to learn the Bollywood dance in "Kung Fu Yoga"

Jackie wants everyone to learn the Bollywood dance in "Kung Fu Yoga"

Jackie Chan learnt Bollywood dancing for his new movie.

23 Jan – Award-winning actor and martial artist Jackie Chan can now add Bollywood dancing to the list of his many talents as he is featured dancing a Bollywood number in his latest Sino-Bollywood film, "Kung Fu Yoga".

The recipient of the Oscar honorary award learned the dance from the legendary Bollywood choreographer as well as director, Farah Khan, who has work in numerous Bollywood films and has choreographed dance routines for more than a hundred songs in over 80 films.

"Farah Khan is an amazing director. I've never seen a female director like her who yelled at more than a thousand of people on set!," Chan exclaimed.

When learning the dance routine, Chan explained that he was taught two kinds of dance; a difficult one and an easy one.

"When I learned the Bollywood dance for the first time, they taught me the difficult one which is the classic number. It was really difficult. So I told Khan that the dance is too hard, not a lot of people can do it," Chan told Cinema Online.

Jackie Chan sings and dances for the "Kung Fu Yoga" theme song.

So Chan requested to do the easy routine which he managed to master within a day, this is so that everybody who sees the dance moves in the movie will be able to learn it as well.

"Now that we've already put the dance video up on social media, a lot of people in China have already started learning the dance routine in "Kung Fu Yoga"," Chan added.

Apart from learning Bollywood dance, Chan also learned "Bang Bang's" theme song "Tu Meri" from his co-star, Disha Patani, while in return, he taught Disha a Chinese song titled "So Transparent is My Heart" (明明白白我的心), which is a song he sang with Sarah Chen.

Chan and his co-star Disha Patani.

Chan also revealed that he has learned some bad Hindi words from his other co-star Amyra Dastur, but he refused to say it out loud out of sheer respect.

Directed by Stanley Tong, Chan plays an archaeologist professor named Jack, who teams up with Kyra and Ashmita, professors from India – played by Disha Patani and Amyra Dastur respectively – to locate India's lost Magadha treasure in Tibet.

The movie also stars Aarif Rahman, Lay Zhang, Sonu Sood, Miya Muqi, Zhang Guoli and more.

"Kung Fu Yoga" will come to cinemas this 26 January 2017.

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