Leigh Whannell of "Insidious" on making Pontianak film

Leigh Whannell of "Insidious" on making Pontianak film

Leigh Whannell getting acquainted with Asian ghosts through a 'Pontianak 101' lesson.

28 Dec - Yes, you might've seen him in the "Saw", "Insidious" and other films in between, but whatever it is, you know that actor-director-screenwriter Leigh Whannell knows his horror right down to a tee.

So when Cinema Online got the chance to talk to him about his upcoming film, "Insidious: The Last Key" in Hong Kong recently, we obviously couldn't help but to introduce our Asian ghosts like Pontianak and Toyol to the horror master himself.

The 40-year-old who has written three of the first "Saw" films and all four of the "Insidious" films, said that his filmmaker friend James Wan of "The Conjuring" fame who was born in Malaysia, had helped him with his knowledge on ghosts in Asia.

"My friend, James Wan, who made the "Saw" and first two "Insidious" films with me was born in Malaysia. He used to tell me about some of them.

"They are definitely nothing like Western ghosts, I love it! I think the Pontianak and Toyol can be in a film together," quipped Whannell who said he could maybe look into writing about them.

No stranger to being behind the camera lens, Whannell had previously made his directing debut with the third "Insidious" film back in 2015, but he much rather let someone else take over.

"I think this time a Malaysian filmmaker needs to make the definitive Pontianak or Toyol film. James Wan! Where are you?"

Directed by Adam Robitel, "Insidious: The Last Key" is the fourth film in the global horror franchise hit.

It sees Whannell reprising his role as Specs, one of the two 'ghostbusting' sidekicks to Lin Shaye's character Elise Rainier, a powerful demonologist.

This time around, Elise goes back to her childhood home in New Mexico after receiving a cry for help. There she has to literally confront her demons, and to get over her tragic past, has to delve deeper into the purgatory realm of The Further.

Watch our exclusive video interview with Leigh Whannell below:

"Insidious: The Last Key" scares its way into cinemas this 4 January 2017!

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