"Mersal" on its way to beat "Kabali's" record

"Mersal" on its way to beat "Kabali's" record

Can "Mersal" top "Kabali's" box office record?

30 Oct – A king's throne is always at threat, and "Mersal" is now coming in strong for its top place at the Malaysian box office.

Following its opening on 18 October, the Vijay-starrer has been riding high, collecting over RM9.2 million so far and marking its spot as the country's third highest-grossing Tamil movie of all time, as revealed on trade analyst Ramesh Bala's Twitter.

With the movie still screening nationwide, it is only a matter of time till we hear about it surpassing the box office record of 2010's "Endhiran", which collected over RM9.7 million.

However, only time can tell if "Mersal" would actually be the new king of Malaysia's Tamil box office given the RM3 million plus difference with the reigning top grosser, "Kabali", released last year, starring superstar Rajinikanth and Datuk Rosyam Nor.

"Mersal", starring Vijay in three strikingly difference roles – a panchayat head, a doctor and a magician, tells the story of how long-lost brothers Vetri and Maran reunite to avenge the death of their parents.

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