Syafie Naswip admits that his "Jibam" role is challenging

Syafie Naswip admits that his "Jibam" role is challenging

Syafie Naswip is ready to face criticism on his acting in "Jibam".

30 Nov – Syafie Naswip admits that he is facing a little bit of challenge in his role as Kadir in "Jibam" as it is the first time that he has received such a character to play.

"This is the first time that I play this kind of role for the big screen and it's kind of hard to portray the character as it has two different sides."

"At the first watch, the audience will see Kadir as sort of an antagonist role as he is always scolding his brother Jibam, but soon they will understand the reasons behind his action, and he is only protective towards his brother," said the action during the gala premiere of "Jibam" at mmCineplexes at eCurve recently.

Explaining his role further, Syafie said that to bring out the best of his character, he would discuss with the director first before shooting in order to understand the gist of the story and character as he has never read the novel before.

When asked if the actor is concerned if his acting doesn't fulfil the expectation of novel readers, Syafie admits that it does worry him, but he is ready to face the criticism.

"As an actor, I have to accept all the criticism regarding my acting in order to improve my acting quality. Even though I have been in the acting industry for very long, I am still learning."

Syafie also expressed his gratitude for being able to act alongside veteran actors who are kind enough to share their acting knowledge with him.

The actor also said that he is currently shooting "Polis Evo 2" together with Zizan Razak and Shaheizy Sam.

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