Syafiq Yusof to consider making "Abang Long Fadil 3"

Syafiq Yusof to consider making "Abang Long Fadil 3"

Syafiq Yusof is eager to find out the public's response towards "Abang Long Fadil 2".

12 Aug – Talented young director Syafiq Yusof tells the media that he has yet to decide as to whether there will be another instalment for the "Abang Long Fadil" franchise.

That is, the director will be basing his decision on the response of his upcoming movie, "Abang Long Fadil 2".

"As for now, there is not much that can be said regarding the third "Abang Long Fadil" movie as we would have to see how the public will respond to the second movie first," he said during the premiere of "Abang Long Fadil 2" at GSC Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur on Thursday.

When asked whether the first film's overwhelming response has left him feeling burdened as he anticipates the response towards the upcoming sequel, the son of renowned director and producer Datuk Yusof Haslam calmly denies it as he answers that the storyline in this movie is different from the previous one.

"This film is going to be very different from its predecessor, with only Zizan Razak cast from the old line-up while the other characters and storyline are newly-created."

The cast line-up of "Abang Long Fadil 2" together with its director and producer from
Astro Shaw and Skop Production.

"Abang Long Fadil 2" tells the life of Fadil who is pushed into the world of mafia and has to lead the life of a contract killer despite him not being one.

The director also forwards his appreciation and gratitude to Astro Shaw who has collaborated with Skop Production for the first time through the production of "Abang Long Fadil 2".

This movie, which features Zizan Razak, Wak Doyok, A Galak, Tania Hudson, Achey, Shuib and Syamsul Yusof, is scheduled to hit theaters this 24 August.

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