"Talentime" to be screened in Japan

"Talentime" to be screened in Japan

"Talentime" marks Yasmin's last feature film prior to her passing on 25 July 2009.

16 Mar – The local film "Talentime" was a phenomenon eight years ago. It was directed by the late Yasmin Ahmad and is now to be released for the first time in Japan this 25 March.

The Chilli Pepper Films and Grand Brilliance production will be shown to audiences in the Land of the Rising Sun in theatres around Tokyo and Osaka.

"The film industry is not the same as it was when the late filmmaker was working on this movie. Even after eight years since Yasmin passed away, her influence on the film industry in the country is still strong," said Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studios, Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar as quoted from Harian Metro.

Datuk Izham's fond memories of her were rekindled when he recalled Yasmin speaking at a seminar called Fearless.

"Yasmin was not referring to a text. However her spoken line still motivates me to this day. She said, ''If you do something that touches your heart, then you can touch the hearts of others."

"Talentime" which was released in Malaysia on 26 March 2009 was the last film by the late Yasmin Ahmad and it had penetrated other international markets other than Singapore and Brunei as well as film festivals.

The film starred Pamela Chong, Mahesh Jugal Kishor, Shafi Mathias, Jaclyn Victor, Adibah Noor and Harith Iskander.

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