Tsui Hark waited 20 years to work with Stephen Chow

Tsui Hark waited 20 years to work with Stephen Chow

Kris Wu, Stephen Chow and Tsui Hark at a promotional event for their new movie.

17 Jan - Working together for the first time despite being in the film industry for many decades, Tsui Hark admitted that he has always wanted to collaborate with the Hong Kong comedy auteur, Stephen Chow.

As reported on Sina, the filmmaker who directed the upcoming movie, "Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back", recently appeared at the Yau Ma Tei fruit market to promote the upcoming film, joined by producer Stephen Chow and lead actor Kris Wu.

Speaking to the media about their first ever collaboration, Stephen joked that Tsui was such a great filmmaker that he had to wait for three to four decades before he was able to work with him.

To this, Tsui responded, "I have actually been dreaming about working alongside Stephen for the last 20 years. When he did call me and offered to collaborate, I asked him if he was being serious. It was surreal."

Stephen stated that he has always been impressed with Tsui's skills in using special effects, and praised the director for his ability to come up with many romantic elements in the movie.

In response, Tsui stated, "You wrote it. You wrote your own personal love story. I only shot what was written and didn't add anything else."

"Journey to the West 2: The Demons Strike Back" opens in cinemas this 28 January 2017.

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