Dato' Sri Aliff Syukri: "Badang" is better than "Black Panther"

Dato' Sri Aliff Syukri: "Badang" is better than "Black Panther"

Dato' Sri Aliff Syukri is not satisfied with the negative comments on "Badang", which he thinks is better than "Black Panther".

21 Feb – Local entrepreneur and star of "Badang", Dato' Sri Aliff Syukri, claims that his movie is much better than Marvel Studios' "Black Panther".

The 31-year-old, who is most notable for founding the cosmetic brand D' Herbs Healthy, took to his personal Instagram account to voice his frustration.

He did so by posting two separate videos questioning the public about his poorly received movie.

"I worked day and night for this movie but I got ridiculed instead of getting praises," Dato' Sri Aliff Syukri said.

"It's the best film, the best artistic work, and is capable of beating other films like "Black Panther". You haven't seen my film and you're already bashing it," he added.

The entrepreneur-turned-actor's video which he captioned "apa salah saya 1??"
(the phrase translates to "What did I do wrong?")

The follow-up video, captioned "apa salah saya 2?".

"Badang", which is Dato' Sri Aliff Syukri's debut movie as an actor, received tons of criticism since its release in local cinemas last week (15 February 2018), mainly concerning its nonsensical plot and over-the-top acting.

To compare this movie with "Black Panther" would be a stretch due to the fact that "Badang" currently sits at a 1.0/10 rating on IMDb while "Black Panther" is at 7.9/10.

The Dato' Prof. Dr. A. Razak Mohaideen-directed movie follows a man named Bad, who is on a quest to find his mother's killer and avenge her death using the super powers he unknowingly possesses.

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