"Shape of Water" director is making a dark version of "Pinocchio"

"Shape of Water" director is making a dark version of "Pinocchio"

A concept art for del Toro's "Pinocchio".

24 Oct – Guillermo del Toro's dream of seeing Pinocchio turn into a real boy under his ministration is coming true after all.

It was just in November last year that it seemed like del Toro had given up on his decade-long "Pinocchio" dream, admitting that it was "not happening". Financing was the issue, he reportedly needed USD35 million to get the project off the ground.

Well, now The Hollywood Reporter brought good news that Netflix has finally given the director the greenlight to adapt the fairy tale into a movie.

The adaptation is set to be a stop-motion feature, making this the first time for the Mexican director to helm an animated film. Previously he's only been involved in movies such as "Book of Life" and "Rise of the Guardians" as a producer or executive producer.

"I've wanted to make this movie for as long as I can remember," said del Toro.

"After the incredible experience we have had on "Trollhunters", I am grateful that the talented team at Netflix is giving me the opportunity of a lifetime to introduce audiences everywhere to my version of this strange puppet-turned-real-boy."

del Toro (L) tweeted the first image of his Pinocchio (R) back in 2011
(Photo source: ROBYN BECK/AFP/Getty Images | Bleeding Cool).

Since del Toro's name is pretty much synonym with horror and dark tales, his 'version' will no doubt be much grimmer than the various other adaptations that came before it.

Interestingly, the movie will be a musical.

It will be set in Italy, during the rise of fascism under Mussolini. del Toro's "Pinocchio" will see the titular character as an innocent soul with an uncaring father, lost in a world he cannot understand. He then embarks on an extraordinary journey, during which he finally understands his father and the real world.

The director will have quite an ensemble to help him bring the story to life. Patrick McHale ("Adventure Time") will be co-writing with him, Mark Gustafson ("Fantastic Mr. Fox") will be co-directing and Mackinnon & Saunders ("Corpse Bride") will be making the puppets.

He will also reunite with Guy Davis, who will serve as co-production designer. The character designs for the new "Pinocchio" will be inspired by illustrations from children's book artist Gris Grimly.

del Toro's isn't the only "Pinocchio" movie in the works. Disney is also currently working on a live-action version with "Paddington" director Paul King set to helm. The Disney movie is slated to begin filming next year.

(Photo source: Slash Film)

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