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Miriam Yeung admits role in "Wonder Women" is tough

Writer: Heidi Hsia

Miriam Yeung says it was tough playing "Wonder Women".

29 Jun– Singer-actress Miriam Yeung recently admitted that it was tough playing the role of a scorned wife in upcoming TVB drama, "Wonder Women".

As reported on Mingpao, the actress who appeared at a press conference alongside her co-stars Pakho Cheung and Raymond Wong, shared that she had to reduce her usually fiery personality to play a virtuous wife in the drama.

"The drama has a lot of conflicts, from the issues between husband and wife, to the relationship between mother and child. There is a lot of inner struggles going on," she said.

When asked if there are any differences in filming a drama and a movie, Miriam said that she has an ample of time to rest when filming a movie, but that a drama needs more time to develop each character.

The actress also admitted that she did a lot of homework before they begin filming the drama, adding, "The notes I wrote were even thicker than the books I've read."

(Photo Source: Miriam Yeung Instagram)

Cinema Online, 29 June 2018