The Oscars' new category is not so 'popular' with fans and critics

The Oscars' new category is not so 'popular' with fans and critics

"Look, ma, I caught an Oscar!"; presumably the new category was only added so
The Academy can say that they handed out a gold statue to "Black Panther".

9 Aug – Just 12 hours ago (at the time of writing), The Academy proudly announced on their social media that a new category is being introduced at the next Oscars.

"A new category is being designed around achievement in popular film," it was announced on Twitter and Facebook. Ironically, the addition of the new 'popular film' category turned out to be not so popular among fans and critics alike.

Ever since the announcement was made, an outpouring of protests and jests have followed.

A couple of samples of what's going around in Twitterverse today.

Some are even speculating that the category was only added so that an award can be handed out to superhero movies, or more specifically "Black Panther", which made quite a roaring success following its release.

Film critic Sean Burns' comment on the new category.

The Academy turning a blind eye to the movie's significance in the industry could end up with them being accused of sidelining black-led movies again but simply creating a new not-so-worthy category just for the sake of supposed inclusivity isn't exactly helping the case either.

Details for eligibility to compete under this category have yet to be revealed by The Academy.

Other planned changes include a three-hour telecast that will be more globally accessible, handing out awards for minor categories during commercial breaks and moving the date forward to early February.

So get ready to see all these changes and more when the 91st Academy Awards takes place on 9 February 2019.

(Photo source: The Week)

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