Siti Saleha comes out of hiatus with new cybercrime movie

Siti Saleha comes out of hiatus with new cybercrime movie

Siti Saleha will be back on the big screen as Diana in "Proksi".

27 Mar – After being absent from the big screen for a year since "Pak Pong", Siti Saleha is back in action, starring in Malaysia's first cybercrime-themed movie, "Proksi".

The Malaysia Film Festival (FFM)-nominated actress revealed that she will play a small role in the Zulkarnain Azhar-directed movie, which is still in its shooting process.

"It is such a great story with a great lineup," said the actress to Cinema Online, regarding her decision to have this movie as her feature comeback even if it is just for a small part.

The English-born actress, who has been on hiatus since her marriage to Ahmad Lutfi Azhar on 28 July 2017, will play the role of Diana in the movie, which is scheduled for a 2019 release.

Siti Saleha on the set of "Proksi" with co-star Ashraff Sinclair and director Zulkarnain Azhar
(Photo source: Siti Saleha's Instagram).

"Proksi" is an action thriller that centers on two hackers who are forced to stop a mysterious criminal that threatens to disrupt Malaysia's peace with stolen cyber information.

Other than Siti Saleha, the movie also stars Ashraff Sinclair, Bront Palarae, Remy Ishak, and Sangeeta Krishnasamy.

Siti Saleha is also set to appear in the long-awaited "7ujuh", though the movie has yet to receive a release date, and a TV drama called "Bila Aidil Ada Fitri", based on the novel "Raya = Aidil + Fitri", airing this June.