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Malaysian co-produced movie competes in France

Writer: Florey DM

"A Family Tour" is a co-production between Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

12 Feb – The 2019 Vesoul International Film Festival of Asian Cinema or Festival International des Cinémas d'Asie (FICA), is currently taking place in Vesoul, France.

The week-long film festival opened on 5 February and wraps up today, 12 February.

Among the movies screened at the film festival this year is one notable title for Malaysians and Singaporeans, namely the drama film "A Family Tour".

Directed by Chinese filmmaker Ying Liang, the movie is a co-production between Malaysia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

It also features Malaysian singer-actor Pete Teo as part of the cast and Malaysian filmmaker Tan Chui Mui as one of the producers.

Aside from making its French Premiere at the film festival, the movie is also competing for the Best Film award, going up against eight other titles including "Sub-Zero Wind" (South Korea"), "His Lost Name" (Japan) and "Waiting for Sunset" (Philippines).

"A Family Tour" follows Yang Shu, a Chinese film director who is forced to remain in exile in Hong Kong after filming "The Mother of One Recluse", which offended the Chinese government. She and her mother, who is in Sichuan and has to undergo an operation, try to reconnect five years later. To do so, her mother pretends to be on a mainland company leisure tour while she uses a film festival in Taiwan as her cover.

The movie is a semi-autobiographical account of director Ying Liang's own life in exile. He had to leave China for Hong Kong after his 2012 movie, "When Night Falls", was not well-received by the Chinese government.

Cinema Online, 12 February 2019