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"Fly By Night" is heading to New York this February

Writer: Stephen Andre Richard

"Fly By Night" is representing Malaysia at the New York Asian Film Festival.

17 Jan – Zahir Omar's film "Fly By Night" has been chosen to represent Malaysia at the first ever edition of the New York Asian Film Festival's Winter Showcase.

The "Fly By Night" team recently posted on their Twitter account: "From Santa Barbara, we'll go to New York for New York Asian Film Festival 2019 @NYAFF in February. #FlyByNightmovie"

The movie will be making its New York Premiere at the upcoming film festival, after first making its U.S. Premiere at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival 2019.

One of the scenes in "Fly By Night".

Prior to hitting the U.S., the movie made its World Premiere last year at the 23rd Busan International Film Festival and was also screened at the 13th Jogja NETPAC Asian Film Festival and the 3rd International Film Festival & Awards Macao.

Starring Sunny Pang, Jack Tan, Bront Palarae and more, "Fly By Night" follows a low-level extortion racket run by taxi drivers who target the well-off passengers they drive from the airport. However, when the youngest driver decides to work with one of their victims to blackmail her cheating lover, things quickly go south.

Cinema Online, 17 January 2019

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