Andy Lau and Louis Koo team up for "White Storm 2" theme song

Andy Lau and Louis Koo team up for "White Storm 2" theme song

Andy Lau and Louis Koo recorded the theme song for "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords".

2 Jul – Although he has continuously expressed reservations about singing again, it was revealed that Louis Koo has yet again recorded a new song – this time for his new movie, "The White Storm 2: Drug Lords".

As reported on Mingpao, the actor recently teamed up with fellow co-star Andy Lau to do a duet on the movie's theme song, "Brothers Don't Suspect", making it their first music collaboration.

When mentioned that the cooperation between them can be considered an epic one, Louis replied, "Is it such a big deal? I am just an amateur singer. Don't say that."

Andy chimed in, saying that he was happy to perform the song with Louis as the current market needed some "masculine songs" back. He also sang praises of Louis, saying that the actor did very well despite underestimating himself.

Andy also admitted that he co-wrote the lyrics of the said song.

"When I wrote it, I kept thinking about the brotherhood that my character and Louis' had in the movie and off-screen. It took me several days," he said.

The upcoming movie will be out this month.

(Photo source: Mingpao)

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